Frankly, dear, I do give a damn.

Allie Nimmons Creative is my way of helping the small business community to grow and flourish. My goal is to provide the type of web design, development, SEO, logo/branding, and support services you’d pay an agency thousands for. But within a realistic budget for someone growing a business with limited resources.

Pricing, flexibility, quality, and personalization come first. Because I have a passion for marketing, design, and education, emphasize these things wherever I can about each individual project. You have the choice to hand off your project to me and focus on other things, or you can journey with me and learn more than you thought you could know about online marketing and it’s relationship to design.

Most people want to market their business to everyone, to get as much business as they can. Me? I’d rather work with people I know would love my services and would love me. So I focus my content and services to serve:

Individually run businesses/sole proprietors.
Freelancers, momtrepreneurs, and badass business babes.
People who need to outsource in order to rise to that next level.
Anyone who want a strong understanding of the tools they are getting.

At the end of every project I am to give my client a tool for their business and the knowledge to make the best of that tool. I truly want my client to succeed. Most of all, my goal is to create trust and long lasting connections with each and every client I work with.   

The majority of my projects in the past 6 months have been referrals from happy clients – check out what others have to say about me!

years in online marketing
satisfied clients
cups of coffee


I’ve been a speaker at WordCamp Miami, been featured on,, and and I run my own Facebook group exclusively for web designers looking to grow and hone their craft. But I chase experiences, not accomplishments.

I’ve always been the creative type. My love of design was kicked up a notch when I realized I could design on the largest group canvas in the world – the Internet. Originally, I went to school for theater but like most students my age, realized college wasn’t the right path for me.

I started teaching myself web design out of books and with free online resources. I got good enough to land an intern job at an internet marketing agency. I was promoted to a full-time position with a ton of new responsibilities; I had to wear so many new hats, it was hard to know which way was up. I acted as junior web developer, graphic designer, social media coordinator, web security manager, and SEO blog writer. In short, I’d experienced it all and decided to specialize in web design.

I took a lot from each of these jobs and learned much more than I ever could have out of books and tutorials. When I realized that an agency wasn’t the right place for me, I struck out of my own. It was when I had $20 to my name and a pile of overdue bills that I started designing for friends and family, just to make ends meet. Out of that desperation came the best experiences of my life.

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