Coming up with social media post ideas for every day of the week, week after week, month after month is hard. And developing a strategy? Easier said than done. This workbook gives you tons of ideas that you can make your own. It also helps you develop a content calendar that has just the right amount of sales and just the right amount of fun.

The 46-page workbook contains:

  • 80 different ideas for social media posts that can be used for almost any platform and almost any type of business.
  • A color-code that sorts the social media post ideas into post types – Sales, Thought Leader, Maintenance and Growth, Sharing, Fun, and Wildcard!
  • Instructions on how often to schedule each type of post to develop a strategy.
  • Spaces to write in your most popular days of the week for each platform, so you can insert in which type of post goes best on which day.
  • Space to write in your ideas and inspiration.
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