WordPress was built to be totally user-friendly, but doesn’t always feel that way.

Whether you’re looking to delve into WordPress for the first time or just improve your skills, there are a ton of things to learn about your WordPress site. This free guide contains 10 of my best WordPress hacks for making building, designing and optimizing your site a breeze to use.

Each page of the guide tells you exactly where to go in the WordPress Dashboard to accomplish the hack, then clear and friendly instructions on exactly how to do it. It includes:

  • How to save space with fewer images, which means faster loading times
  • How to create a downloadable PDF link
  • How to move ALL your content from one platform to another
  • How to make SEO friendly links with the push of a button
  • How to enable revisions so you never lose your work
  • How to create a non-clickable menu item that opens up a sub menu
  • And more!

After working with WordPress for years, I’ve had to learn some things the hard way. All of these WordPress hacks and tips are things I’ve learned as a professional freelance web designer who works exclusively with WordPress.

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